Our people define Domaine Rewa.  

We have the unifying goal of working together and doing the best possible job on our plot of land.

We are all passionate and take great pride in producing wine that reflects the place - place that is Domaine Rewa.  

Pete Bartle

Wine-maker extraordinaire. 

We soon learned it is not easy finding a wine-maker. But Grant managed to convince Pete in 2010 to take a gamble on this tiny new venture. It has been nothing but a true privilege to work with Pete over this time.  

Gary Ford & Grant Rolston (missing as out fishing)


Under their auspices, they have cajoled Domaine Rewa through beneficial changes throughout the years, always with good grace. We wouldn't be where we are today without them. 

Kim Logan

Vineyard manager.

Kim orchestrates everything on the vineyard as if it was his own. Thank you, Kim all of us, and our vineyard, thrive under your watchful eye. 

Domaine Rewa-CF062608.jpg
Bob Brett

Our everyman. 

Bob is our go-to guy. Nothing is ever a problem and our boys adore him. When he isn’t toiling away for us, he is playing golf or taking care of his grandchildren in Christchurch or Auckland with Laurel.

Domaine Rewa-CF062494.jpg
The Fourbet Family

Philippa is the vineyard proprietor, wife to Yannick, mother to their twins Augustin and Mortimer,  and the CFO of Yannick’s business The French Potter. Overlaid with all that is her full-time job that frequently takes her abroad.